Creating a zoom meeting for a Salesforce Event in Digital Experience

I’m using the salesforce package installed from AppExchange: Zoom

I have a Digital Experience (ex Customer Community) which exposes the salesforce scheduler, so experience users can book a meeting with an employee. The expectation is that after the meeting time is selected the salesforce event record in the employee’s calendar is populated with a zoom link. For this my flow driving the experience is setting the “Schedule a Zoom Meeting” field to true.

When I create an event as an employee, setting the “Schedule a Zoom Meeting” field to true causes a zoom event to be created with join URL etc. However, from the community it doesn’t work.

I suspect part of the problem is in user permissions the community user has, so I assigned to them the Zoom User permission set. This didn’t help. I also allowed community users access to:

  • zoom connected app
  • all objects and fields from the zoom managed package
  • al apex classes from the zoom managed package
    Still no luck.

Any advice how to get this working? Additionally, a more selective list of objects/field/classes for the community users access would be appreciated. The wide-ranging permissions I gave are ok for experimentation but are not a best practice for production.

Hi @kresimir.tonkovic
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
Have you been able to resolve this issue or do you still need assistance?

No, I abandoned this approach, and took another - basically implementing the process from this page:

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Elisa can you explain it anyway please? I’m interesting in this topic

Hi @anawilliam850
Feel free to create a new topic and ask a question that you might have with details so we can support you