How can i manage to create multiple meetings at the same time with the api?

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I am using zoom apis for an educational purpose website where we connect tutors with their students. I am using zoom meeting apis, my question is how can i create multiple meetings at the same time like tutor no 1 created meeting with the student no 1 and at the same time tutor no 2 created meeting with the student no 2 with the help of apis. I am currently using free zoom account. Suggest me best plan where i can manage my tutors and create multiple meeting and some times at the same time.

Can it be possible with the one plan purchase or i need to purchase for every tutor (which really cost me a lot).


@asifwebnet ,

You will need to license each tutor, or reach out to us at for ISV plan.

Thanks for your reply @chunsiong.zoom ,

Is it not possible by creating users as tutors under one purchased account?

@asifwebnet , I will not go into details of licensing here. But from a high level point of view, if you are not under the ISV program, 1 purchased account is mapped to one specific person or individual.

Have you tried the “Create a Meeting” endpoint? As I know, the free Zoom account has limitations on participants and meeting duration. To handle multiple simultaneous meetings and more participants, you may need to consider upgrading to a paid plan((

You likely won’t need to purchase a plan for each tutor. Instead, manage their access and permissions within your Zoom account.

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