Create simultaneous meetings using multiple licenses

We’re working on a project where users of our platform receive invitations for a Zoom meeting. The invitation is sent from a company account to a group of users outside of the organization. There can be multiple meetings at the same time and there is no host for the meeting - anyone with the link should be able to join at any time.

The company has a Zoom account with 10 licenses. Can the create meeting API be used for this case? What should be used for the userID? Do we need to send x separate API requests to Create Meeting using each of the x userIDs with licenses?

Hi @zoomdev0105
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community! I am happy to help here!

You can use the Create meeting endpoint to make API requests to create meetings for the users under your account.

Now, for the userID you can pass the email of each user under your account or you can query the Get users endpoint and pass the user ID associated with each user

Please, let me know if this helps.