Creating Oauth application for Servicenow Integration

Hello, I am having trouble publishing my app to my account. I am trying to setup an oauth app we can use to integrate with our Servicenow instance, but it’s not letting me publish it or do anything. I am not sure what fields I am missing. I assume the checkbox on the left side should tell you if things are complete and should show on the other fields?

Hi @joshuasxtn7 ,

Can you please provide screenshots of what you’re seeing? Or has this been resolved?


Hi Gianni! I go through the process of creating an oauth app and I fill in most of the fields. But it doesn’t seem to “save” or let me publish the app. I can fill out the mandatory fields, choose some scopes, and get to this screen but it’s not obvious to me if it’s saved or not.

Hi @joshuasxtn7 , you have “intend to publish: no” which is why it’s not letting you publish.

Create a new one with the same features and you’ll be all set!

I think that is my confusion. I don’t need to publish my oauth app though, it’s not meant for public just my internal company. The documents from Servicenow even say you should set it intend to publish to know. I’m just trying to get oauth credentials from my servicenow instance. It should work even if I do not publish right? I tried to get oauth credentials from Servicenow and it said it succeeded but I found it was giving me a 400 error from Servicenow

My solution was to change the application registry in Servicenow to use authorization code, than I was able to use the oauth to validate the user and get an auth code to use with the REST API. Integration Between Zoom Meeting & ServiceNow - YouTube