I have configured zoom oauth app, but not able to publish it

I have configured zoom oauth app and done all the steps as per doc, but still it is in draft state. How can I publish it ?
Can it work from draft state. FYI, I have still zoom jwt app activated.

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Hello @maya

Which App type are you trying to publish by the way, Please be aware Server to Server Apps cannot be published but they do work within your account the same way the JWT app type used to function.

Regards, Kwaku

I have Zoom Oauth type of app. I have followed these steps i.e. Create an OAuth app

Hello @maya

When you say it’s not letting you publish can you provide any errors?

Or is it just the submit button being greyed out, please make sure all the check boxes before the submit button are checked off too

Thank you @kwaku.nyante for reply. I can see publish button is disabled even after putting all info in it.

Is domain validation required to publish the app ?