Creating Webinars using Zoom API

I’m trying to create a new webinar in Zoom using a standard PL/SQL function calling the Zoom webinar API.The code runs but a webinar is not created and therefore I do not get a webinar id back.

Would greatly appreciate it, if you could spare a few minutes to take a look.
Below is the function -

create or replace FUNCTION get_new_webinar_id (
      p_user_id                     VARCHAR2,
      p_topic                    VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,
      p_type                     PLS_INTEGER DEFAULT NULL,
      p_start_time               TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE DEFAULT NULL,
      p_duration                 VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,
      p_timezone                 VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,
      p_pwd                     VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,
      p_agenda                   VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,
      p_recurrence_type          PLS_INTEGER DEFAULT NULL,
      p_repeat_interval          PLS_INTEGER DEFAULT NULL,
      p_end_date_time            TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE DEFAULT NULL,
      p_hd_video               BOOLEAN DEFAULT NULL,
      p_panelists_video        BOOLEAN DEFAULT NULL,
      p_practice_session       BOOLEAN DEFAULT NULL,
      p_host_video               BOOLEAN DEFAULT NULL,
      p_approval_type            PLS_INTEGER DEFAULT NULL,
      p_registration_type        PLS_INTEGER DEFAULT NULL,
      p_audio                    VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,
      p_auto_recording           VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,
      p_enforce_login            BOOLEAN DEFAULT NULL,
      p_enforce_login_domains    VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,
      p_alternative_hosts        VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,
      p_close_registration    BOOLEAN DEFAULT NULL,
      p_show_share_button   BOOLEAN DEFAULT NULL,
      p_allow_multiple_devices    BOOLEAN DEFAULT NULL,
      p_webinar_id                  PLS_INTEGER DEFAULT NULL
      l_webinar       CLOB;
      l_url           VARCHAR2 (32767);
      l_clob          CLOB;
      j               apex_json.t_values;
      l_webinar_id    PLS_INTEGER;
      l_http_method   VARCHAR2 (10) := 'POST';
      l_test       VARCHAR2 (32767);
      l_url :='' || trim(p_user_id) || '/webinars';
      apex_json.open_object ();

      apex_json.write ('topic', p_topic);
      apex_json.write ('type', p_type);
      apex_json.write ('start_time', p_start_time);
      apex_json.write ('duration', p_duration);
      apex_json.write ('timezone', p_timezone);
      apex_json.write ('password', p_pwd);
      apex_json.write ('agenda', p_agenda);

      --IF p_recurrence_type IS NOT NULL
         apex_json.open_object ('recurrence');
         apex_json.write ('type', p_type);
         apex_json.write ('repeat_interval', p_repeat_interval);
         apex_json.write ('end_date_time', p_end_date_time);
      --END IF;

      apex_json.open_object ('settings');
      apex_json.write ('host_video', p_host_video);
      apex_json.write ('panelists_video', p_panelists_video);
      apex_json.write ('practice_session', p_practice_session);
      apex_json.write ('hd_video', p_hd_video);
      apex_json.write ('approval_type', p_approval_type);
      apex_json.write ('registration_type', p_registration_type);
      apex_json.write ('audio', p_audio);
      apex_json.write ('auto_recording', p_auto_recording);
      apex_json.write ('enforce_login', p_enforce_login);
      apex_json.write ('enforce_login_domains', p_enforce_login_domains);
      apex_json.write ('alternative_hosts', p_alternative_hosts);
      apex_json.write ('close_registration', p_close_registration);
      apex_json.write ('show_share_button', p_show_share_button);
      apex_json.write ('allow_multiplace_devices', p_allow_multiple_devices);
      apex_json.close_object ();

      l_webinar := apex_json.get_clob_output ();
      l_webinar := REPLACE (l_webinar, '\/', '/');

      dbms_output.put_line ('l_url  ' || l_url);
      dbms_output.put_line ('set l_clob');
        l_clob :=
           p_http_method      => l_http_method, 
           p_url              => l_url, 
            p_body             => l_webinar,
            p_wallet_path      => 'file:/u01/app/admin/htmlprd/WALLETS',
            p_wallet_pwd       => NULL,
            p_proxy_override   => '');

     apex_json.parse (j, l_clob);
     l_webinar_id := apex_json.get_number (p_path => 'id', p_values => j);
      dbms_output.put_line ('l_webinar_id is ' || l_webinar_id);
      IF l_webinar_id IS NULL AND p_webinar_id IS NULL
         dbms_output.put_line ('inside first if statement');
         RETURN NULL;
      END IF;
      dbms_output.put_line ('outside first if statement');  

                WHEN p_webinar_id IS NOT NULL THEN p_webinar_id
                ELSE l_webinar_id
       END get_new_webinar_id;

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,

Hi @priya.jetley,

Thanks for reaching out. Have you tried calling the API to create a successful webinar with the same variables/properties using Postman? Usually this will help troubleshoot the issue just in case it’s not the code but an issue with the incoming payload.