Creating a webinar using webinar template via API

Is there an API that can create a webinar using a webinar template?

Hi @innoboost ,

Good question! You can use our Create Webinar API for this:

You will want to leverage the template_id field:


@will.zoom Greetings.
I’m not able to make this work. What’s wrong with the process I’m using?

I’m getting the userId from this api:

I’m getting the template_id from this api:

then I’m calling:
{post data}

{“template_id”:" template_id", other post data}

The api response is 200 but the webinar does not have the template_id applied.
What’s wrong with it?

thanks in advance.

Hi @claudio.mazza.docebo ,

Are you using an Admin level template, and have you had Admin Level templates enabled by our Support Team?


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