API to create a webinar with a template NOT working

We want to implement Zoom Webinar API to create a webinar with a zoom webinar template in Salesforce.

According to the API doc, the template id can be added to the request body.

Please see the link below.


I created a template from the Zoom account webinar menu. I am the owner of this template.

When I use the API to create a webinar with a template_id (just created) in the json, it doesn’t work. (/users/{userId}/webinar_templates)

requestBody= {“topic”:“test api call 6”,“type”:5,“start_time”:“2023-04-29T06:12:00z”,“duration”:60,“timezone”:“America/Los_Angeles”,“password”:“123456”,“type”:5,“agenda”:“null”,“settings”:{“approval_type”:0,“registration_type”:2},“template_id”:“a1A17000003mbIzEAI”,“status”:“Planned”}

The response is below

{“code”:3003,“message”:“Only the template owner has the permission to use this template for Webinar creation.”}.

But my account is the owner of the template.

Then, I google search this link at Server-To-Server OAuth - Cannot see Admin level template for webinar.

The person answered a developer’s question .

She said Zoom does not support the webinar admin template via API but the API doc describes the template id can be (above link).

Q1: Can the template be used to create a webinar by using API?

Q2: Can any other way or API call implement our request?

Hi @azhong
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
As you found out in the other post, we do not support Webinar admin templates via API.
What is strange to me is that you are getting a 3003 error : “Only the template owner has the permission to use this template for Webinar creation.” since you said you created the template, is that correct?

Thanks Elisa!

Yes, I created a template first in zoom. Then I build a json request body by using salesforce apex.

The action is to create a webinar with that template Id (API call gets this template id from zoom).

But it failed and got that message 3003.

Any other way like create webinar without template id, but later on update the webinar with the template id by using API call?

Will your team implement the webinar creation with template id right now or in the future?



Hi @azhong
I believe this is in the roadmap, but I can go ahead and create a feature request for this (passing webinar template ID in the request body)

I do not believe you can update the template ID after creating the webinar
But I am curious to know why you are getting this error if you created the template.

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, please create a change request for this because creating a webinar with template is very important for us.

For sure! @azhong
I will do this and keep you posted!