Creation of Meeting as Basic and Start meeting as Licenced

I am creating a meeting as Basic User and before I start a meeting , tagging the license to my account


  1. Creating meeting as Basic user - Meeting created in January for the month of February
  2. Suppose my meeting starts on February 10th and I take a licence on that day.
  3. I call a Patch -API and update the meeting from Local recording to Cloud recording.
    sample of the Patch API -Body given below
    “settings”: {
    “auto_recording”: “cloud”

4. I start a meeting with auto recording by doing this update .

Could you please let me know is there anything against to the policies of Zoom.



Thanks for reaching out. To be clear, are you asking if transferring a pro license to a basic account violates Zoom’s policies? Or are you asking if those specific steps are against Zoom’s policies? Please provide more information about your use case and the user experience you are trying to implement. This will help us give more specific support and recommendations.

I am running an institute and teachers should shcedule meetings for students. Sessions will be starting only after 3months . So Initially if I take a license for a teacher to schedule a meeting will be a loss for the institute.As a Basic user I will be creating the meeting initially as local recording.

After 3months I will take a licence for that teacher and we update the meeting using PATCH API from local recording to cloud recording.

I need a confirmation as ,Is there anything against zoom policy by doing the above mentioned usecase?