Evaluate API capabilities for real-time meeting/license management


I am trying to understand if Zoom API is suitable as the backend for a fully automated, real-time meeting management app. After going throught the API documentation and several related forum posts I am having some doubts. I would appreciate if someone help me understand if zoom API can facilitate my following requirements.

  1. Ability to add a large number of users to my zoom app without assigning licenses.
  2. Maintain a pool of hosting licenses and dynamically attach/detach them to/from my site users.
    • license change should take effect immediately (the other app we evaluated couldn’t do this consistently)
    • license pool size is smaller than user count
  3. Ability to create any number of meetings as a central admin user while appointing different users as meeting hosts.
    • admin user will not join the meetings, he is only creating them on behalf of another user
  4. Fully restrict the users. They should only be able to join meetings created by the admin.

If the API can provide these, how can I test this? The other product we are currently using provides an admin sandbox which is really helpful. I’d like to have something similar to do extensive testing before purchasing a real account.

Thank you.