Custom livestreaming label issue

Hi, I’m Denny.

I’m making a zoom oauth app using custom livestreaming. so it works well.
but I have a question.
When custom livestreaming is connected with zoom and our RTMP server.
The label on the left top of zoom is correct name that I put ‘CLOVA Note’.
and then make it stop the custom livestreaming, and then restart custom livestreaming as you can see below pics.
The label on the left top of zoom is changed to ‘from custom livestreaming ~~~’ but the RTMP connection is good working as well.

How can I keep the first name I registered ‘CLOVA Note’?

Screenshots (If applicable)

Hi @hi.iamdenny,

Thank you for reaching out about this, and glad to hear you’ve had success with our livestreaming capabilities. :slight_smile:

For the question regarding the display name, I will kindly point you to our Technical Support team for clarification on this, as they are the experts in this domain.


Yep, It’s the display name.

I’ll be waiting for it.


Thanks @hi.iamdenny,

Please reach out to our Technical Support team directly here, and they’ll be able to help.


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