Custom Thankyou page / redirect after registration of a meeting

I am sorry if am not right here, but I need a solution for this - not only one but a few zoom clients are affected - I already tried with the regular support but they can’t help

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
What we need is a solution for Zoom Meetings where we can fire a facebook pixel - that is easy with Zoom Webinars, but not with meetings.
That solution can be custom coded or something from the marketplace - we have budget to solve this.
There are a few ideas:

  1. best would be a feature request - if it worked like the zoom webinar that would be best
  2. what is also fine would be a custom thank you page where we could integrate the pixel
  3. Webhook or any script that could just re-direct to a custom page after the zoom thank you page would also be fine
  4. any marketplace app that allows to have custom thank you page

Thanks for your help