Customize attendance's screens

Hello, I am using Zoom on Android cellphone. I would like to ask:
Is there any way to show more attendance’s screens on my own speaker view? (not in gallery view). I wish it could show the same way as zoom version on Windows 10. Please check my attached image. There were 3 attendance’s showed in Windows but only one in cellphone.

And is there any way to customize the size of each attendance’s screens(pull it out to bigger, pull it in to smaller) , or make it float on desired place(phone screen edges, left-right side)?

Which version?


Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Galaxy A7
  • Version: Android 10

Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks and best regards!

Hi, thanks for using Zoom!

It sounds like you are asking about functionality on the Zoom app. This forum is meant to assist developers integrating the Zoom SDK into their own app. For assistance with the Zoom app, please head over to our general support page.


Hi @jon.lieblich, thank for answering!

I am integrating the Zoom SDK into my own app. So I hope you tell me is there anyway to customize the screen as my explanation above?. Where should I reference the code to build it. If my explanation is not clear please tell me. I will try to explain more clearly.

Thank you in advanced!

Hi, apologies for the misunderstanding.

For what you are describing, it would require implementing a custom UI. More documentation on that can be found here. If you have any additional questions regarding how to implement this feature with the SDK, I would be more than happy to help!


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Dear @jon.lieblich, thank you for your kindness.
Thank to your advice, somehow I can see the way. May I ask some more harder question which make me struggling?

  1. I want to show(insert) the attendees’ screens while I am sharing my screen.
    It seems like small “side by side mode screen” in a scroll row which I can swipe left or right to see the others.
  2. The scroll row could be dragged to anywhere in my screen (floating type I think).
  3. If No1 is possible, the attendees will see the sharing screen without the scroll row(Because it block a part of sharing screen, then attendees no need to see their own screens)

I know it is technically hard question. Hope you tell me where should I reference to manage this problems.

Thank you so much!


Unfortunately the implementation of your custom UI is going to be outside of the scope of what I am able to assist with on this forum.

Luckily, Google’s Android developer documentation is quite extensive and I have found it to be rather helpful when approaching areas of the Android framework which I am unfamiliar with. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you run into any issues with using the SDK directly, I will be more than happy to help!


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Dear @jon.lieblich
Thanks for your guidance.
I am trying customizing implement Zoom SDK annotation tools on a shared screen for Android phone.
How could I make the annotation toolbar button become bigger?
Also, instead of clicking small arrow then click pen icon (to show full annotation toolbar), I want the full annotation toolbar will be shown at once after click share screen button.

Hope you instruct me to do it.
Thank you!


To reiterate, I am unable to assist with your custom UI implementation. The appearance and behavior of the custom UI is managed 100% by you. Through this forum, I can help with any issues you run into while directly interfacing with the SDK.


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