Customize modal error e label

good evening! i am trying to integrate zoom websdk into my web page. I wanted to ask: can I customize this modal

and in any case the other labels on the buttons when you are inside the meeting or in any case remove for example things that I don’t need like the “phone call” option before joining.

thanks for your great help and sorry for my english

Hi @zoom11,

Is this meeting number a PMI number? If so, users are not allowed to join the meeting until the host does, hence the error. If that’s not the issue could you provide me the meeting number?

Hi Michael the integration works perfectly, I just want to customize the modal if the meeting hasn’t started yet.
My question was whether it is possible to customize labels on buttons or messages like this modal
or add a new language like Italian.

thank you so much


+1 on this. Can these modal dialogs be customized?

I think i found a potential solution in the reference here:

If you pass “isShowJoiningErrorDialog: false” to .init() function, you should be able to disable default ones. Then you can create your own custom modal windows from .init() and .join() error handlers.

Haven’t tested it yet, but i’m going to try that today.

it would be a good solution !!! let me know if it works!
thank you so much

Yepp, it works exactly as I suspected, so you should be good to go. Just disable error dialogs and create your own inside “error: function(res) {}” blocks.

Hi antov,
can you please explain to me how did you do it doesn’t work … if i put isShowJoiningErrorDialog: false, it doesn’t return me any error. thank you so much

 isShowJoiningErrorDialog: false,
 meetingNumber: '<?php echo $meetingNumber; ?>',
 userName: '<?php echo $username; ?>',
 signature: '<?php echo generate_signature(API_KEY, API_SECRET, 456789768, 0);?>',
 apiKey: API_KEY,

Hey @zoom11, @anton.skvortsov,

The Web SDK can’t be easily customized, you can do what @anton.skvortsov suggested or use CSS.

There will be a more customizable Web SDK in the future.


Like this

        leaveUrl: '',
        isSupportAV: true,
        isShowJoiningErrorDialog: false,
        success: function () {
                    meetingNumber: MEETING NUMBER,
                    userName: NAME,
                    signature: SIGNATURE,
                    apiKey: APIKEY,
                    passWord: PASSWORD,
                    success: function(res){
                        console.log('join meeting success');
                    error: function(res) {
                        if(res.errorCode === 3008) /* Meeting Not Started */
                            alert("Meeting has not started, are you here too early?");
                        else if(res.errorCode === 3004) /* Meeting password invalid */
                           alert("Whupps, wrong meeting password");
                        else /* everything else */
                           alert("Just failed to join, contact admin for help");
        error: function(res) {
            alert("WebSDK has failed to initialize, redirecting to");
            window.location = "";

Thanks for sharing this @anton.skvortsov! :slight_smile:


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