ZoomMtg.init and isShowJoiningErrorDialog parameter


Regarding the ZoomMtg.init() function and its optional parameter ‘isShowJoiningErrorDialog’ (default true), i would like to know exactly what it means to deactivate it.

From the documentation, i guess if i keep that option to true, a popup would be displayed when an error happen during the join.

  • Would the sdk also throw an error in addition to this popup ?
  • If i deactivate that option, what would happen ? Nothing (no popup and no error) or at least an error (or the onError function beeing used) ?

Edit: Another question, when we get a timeout on joining, how long is this timeout currently ? Does this timeout happen internally on zoom side (between internal components) or at client to server communication layer ?
I could not find any customization for that too, do you have any plans in a near future to enable to customize this timeout (should be since it’s a sdk client decision) ?

Which version?


Hey @nvivot,

The isShowJoiningErrorDialog gives you the option to not show the default error popup, and instead handle the error in a custom way after receiving it in the ZoomMtg.init() error handler.

This error could mean a number of things, we are improving the error messaging in an upcoming release.