Customize MORE_BUTTON action and button image on NewMeetingActivity on Android and fix PIP

Meeting SDK - Android - v5.14.5

I updated to 5.14.5, MeetingActivity is deprecated, Previous customization is not working any more.

I am trying to customize MORE_BUTTON action and button image on NewMeetingActivity on Android.

Previous code:

private var confTopPanel: View? = null
    private var confBottomPanel: ConfToolbar? = null

    private fun prepareView() {
        val confView = findViewById<View?>(
        confTopPanel = confView?.findViewById(
        confBottomPanel = confView?.findViewById(
        val moreBtn: ToolbarButton = findViewById(

override fun onClickMore() {
        // send call to PIP and go to a new activity 


  1. Customization is not working.
  2. Picture in Picture mode is not working properly. Its minimizing the whole app instead of minimizing the call only.

How do i do this on 5.14.5 (my class is extended to NewMeetingActivity instead of the old MeetingActivity)