Need help customizing the MeetingUI

Ive been following the zoom docs to make my own personalized app. Ive played around with the Zoom android-example-sdk app and, following the docs, ive integrated zoom sdk into my own app as shown in the docs (importing the commonlib.aar and mobile.aar packages into my personal project). Ive come across a problem now.

I now need to customize the Meeting UI so that i can remove/modify the meeting options bar that displays below the meeting screen and remove the drving safe mode screen etc but i cannot figure out where to make these changes.

I cant follow the instructions in the docs here and here because i cannot figure out where to make the changes it is instructing me to make. My file tree currently in android studio is as follows:


Any help for what i want to achieve will be more than appreciated…!!

Hi @abduljav123, thanks for using the dev forum.

The first link provided in your post is related to implementing a full custom meeting UI. So far, it does not look like that will be necessary for your use case.

In order to hide the bottom toolbar and driving mode, you can set no_bottom_toolbar and no_driving_mode to true on the MeetingOptions instance you use when joining the meeting. If you are already doing this and not seeing the correct behavior, please provide a code snippet of how you are joining the meeting so that I may better assist.


MeetingOptions meetingOptions = new MeetingOptions();
meetingOptions.no_bottom_toolbar = true;
meetingOptions.no_driving_mode = true;

Im implementing this in the onCreate meathod of the MainActivity.class, dosent work.
The options toolbar is still there and so is the safe driving mode:

Hi @abduljav123,

Thanks for confirming that the fields are properly set on the MeetingOptions object. In addition to setting those fields, you must also pass that same instance as the opts parameter into the joinMeetingWithParams, startMeetingWithParams, or startInstantMeeting method. Can you please confirm that you are doing this correctly?


No i cant actually figure out how to correctly execute that… could you please help me by sharing the code snippet??..Thanks!!

Hi @abduljav123,

No worries, here’s an example for how you would pass the MeetingOptions object in if you were joining the meeting as an anonymous user:

JoinMeetingParams params = new JoinMeetingParams();

params.meetingNo = ""; // TODO: Add meeting number here
params.displayName = ""; // TODO: Add display name here

MeetingOptions options = new MeetingOptions();
options.no_bottom_toolbar = true;
options.no_driving_mode = true;

MeetingService meetingService = ZoomSDK.getInstance().getMeetingService();

meetingService.joinMeetingWithParams(this, params, options);

The method and parameters will change depending on whether you need to join as an authenticated user or want to start the meeting as host instead of joining, but the general idea is the same.


Hi @jon.lieblich

Thankyou for your help…! It works now.

I have one last thing to ask. Besides the safe driving screen there is another screen that displays the current participants in the meeting. I want to disable that aswell.

Ive tried playing around with what ive learned so far but i cant find a valid solution to my problem. Here is the screen im talking about:

How can i do that? Also once again, Thankyou for your help…!!

Hi @abduljav123,

Glad to hear it’s working! When using the default meeting UI, you have the option to display the gallery view or active speaker view:

ZoomUIService uiService = ZoomSDK.getInstance().getZoomUIService();

// Switch to gallery view

// Switch to active speaker view

If these options do not fit your needs, implementing a custom meeting UI would be the only way to achieve what you are looking for.


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