Customizing participant menu

In the “Participants” screen a menu opens when the host taps on a participant. Is there a way to customize this menu? I need to remove the “Show participant video” and “Hide participant video” button in it.

Which version?
The latest version I just downloaded from the github.

Hi heartquake,

Thanks for the post. Are you referring to Android or iOS? Are you using Zoom default UI or Custom UI?


Hi Carson,

Both iOS and Android. We are using the default zoom UI.

Hey @Carson_Chen, any ideas?


Hi heartquake,

Thanks for the reply. For Zoom default UI, I am afraid the participant menu cannot be customized.


Nothing out of the box, but you can use jquery to do it - something like this:
$(‘a[role=menuitem]:contains(“participant video”)’).parent().hide();

Note that the html you are trying to hide via jquery is not always visible so you’d have to use a javascript timer to continually run the above code so that the menu element is hidden when the user clicks on the more menu.

You could maybe use css to hide it too but not sure what other menu options your host has as you need to get to it via css by what number li it is I think - I’m not a css guru but a right click > inspect should help you.

Thanks for the reply. Happy Zooming!