Dashboard API -> List Meeting Participants response structure discrepancies

As part of my Zoom API PoC, I have attempted to extract ‘Dashboard’ -> ‘List Meetings’ and ‘Dashboard’ -> ‘List Meeting Participants’. With ‘List Meeting Participants’, I have observed some weirdness around the Response json, which has fewer columns for some of the meeting_ids. Following the Zoom API documentation, my expectation is to receive standard Response structures, however that is not the case in reality. Please help why these response structure discrepancies and how to resolve them.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

Arvind K

Hi @arvind.kantheri, this endpoint shows a moment-in-time of participant data, it could thus have a varying number of participants. Can you describe the discrepancies you’re seeing and share example responses?

Thanks Michael for your response.Going by API documentation, expected JSON for Dashboard API -> List Meeting Participants, does not have ‘camera’ field. However, API response has ‘camera’. I am ingesting API data into a data warehouse structures (based on API response structure as in API reference page) and it fails because of discrepancies (‘camera’) and not sure what more such fileds will pop out later.

Arvind K

Hey @arvind.kantheri,

We will get the docs updated. @shrijana.g can you check if the camera property is missing from the response schema?


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@tommy That is correct. Thanks for letting me know.

@arvind.kantheri I have updated the docs to reflect this. Let us know if you find any other issues.


can we access the dashaboard API in PRO plan subscriptions. we are not able to access

Hi @bhavana Dashboard features are available for Business, Education & Enterprise plans.

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