Dashboard API with meeting UUID not working

I am facing issues with the Dashboard api when the meeting UUID has chars like ‘/’, “//” or ‘+’.
Please check the below. Note the same meeting UID works fine with Past Meetings API
Dashboard API not working
–Single Enccoding - Does not work
–Double Enccoding - Does not work

Past Meeting API - Works fine with same meeting UUID
–Single Enccoding - Works fine
–Double Enccoding - Works fine

One more thing is: The same dashboard api works fine if the meeting UUID does not have the above-mentioned chars like below.

Your help is highly appreciated.


Hi @sivanesan.murugesan,

For UUIDs with / or // characters, please ensure that you’re double encoding the UUID, and this should resolve the issue.

Let me know if this helps—thanks!

Hi Will,
As I mentioned in my comment, I have tried doing URL encoding(double encode if it starts with ‘/’ or contains ‘//’). It throws 404 error. Does it mean that specific meeting UUID does not have that shared screen info? Actually, the specific meeting has recording files with a shared screen.


Hey @sivanesan.murugesan,

Can you share the exact error message you receive with the 404 so we can debug the issue?


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