Data is not getting fetched based on to and from Date

API Endpoints : GET /phone/call_queues/{callQueueId}/recordings

My API Enpoints:

i was trying to fetch the data from above call but even if i am changing the to and from value time for same date the same data is getting populated always

No Error message. No proper Response

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
*1. Hit the above mentioned URL
*2. Use Authorization as bearer token
*3. Use two different time from consecutive call i.e first get the data for 1am to 2 am and then 2am to 3 am for same date. Exact data will appear for both call

Hi @shubham.kumar
Hope you are doing great!
Let me look into this issue and I will come back to your with an update!

Hi @shubham.kumar
I just got a response from the engineering team and they mentioned that they can not find the logs for those API calls

Our data only goes back 15 days , when these calls were made?
Also could you please make sure to not pass a next_page_token parameter on your first call

Hi @elisa.zoom ,

i have made those calls on last thursday and friday so the data in the logs should be present.
Also i am not passing next page token on the first call

I will send you a private message to follow up @shubham.kumar