Next page token is not refreshing data

Hi Team__

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**[API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)]**{callQueueId}/recordings

Not able to get new data even after passing next page token, it is displaying the first page only

Hi @shubham.kumar
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Are you still experiencing this issue?

Hi @elisa.zoom ,
yes i am still facing the issue and its kind of blocker for us
so if you can help me with this

@shubham.kumar Could you please share with me the entire request URL and the response body you are getting via Private message?
I will message you and you can reply there

Hi Elisa,

Did you receive a response from Shubham on this? He’s indicated he did respond, but wanted to confirm to make sure there’s no confusion.

Mark Shearer

Hi @mark.shearer
Thank you for reaching out!
And yes I heard back from Shubham @shubham.kumar , we have been communicating via Direct Message