Data quality issue on /webinars/{webinarId}/participants

We are using{webinarId}/participants api to fetch stats of our webinar.

Webinarid : 96924831360

Our cron called the zoom metrics api to fetch the participants minutes at 13:00 GMT time and zoom returned meeting not started even though class got over on zoom at 12:35 GMT

but when we tried at 13:10 GMT we started getting results from metrics api

so we are handling it from backed to shift the cron from 30 mins to 1 hr…but we need to understand why it took so much time to return the results on zoom metric api

this issue happened for the first time since the last 9 months of this code deployment

Do we have to increase the cron job frequency from 30 min to something else to get reports for webinar ?

Highly appreciated your help

Hi @vijay.kannan,

Thank you for reaching out about this.

As our reports can take some time to process, we don’t recommend calling the endpoint right away after the meeting has ended. However, 30 minutes should be a sufficient amount of time.

Have you seen any other instances of this? It’s likely this would have been a transient error, possibly during a time of high traffic.

However, if you’re consistently seeing this, please let us know.


We are running our batch process from every 30 mins to 45 mins , as you said we keep eye on it and if problem exists i will post it back

Thanks @vijay.kannan—do let us know if you see more instances.


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