Response error for participant duration 0

The issue is still persisiting

Participant duration is showing as 0 seconds though they have attended for sometime.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
JWT Apis

Which Endpoint/s?

Meeting Id – 89412970986
Meeting uuid-- dcfRwbk9QGiZESkqpnoMrg==
“id”: “8J6hSSEpQc6HS2fJBn5UOQ”,
“user_id”: “”,
“name”: “”,
“user_email”: “”,
“join_time”: “2021-04-15T14:27:43Z”,
“leave_time”: “2021-04-15T14:27:43Z”,
“duration”: 0,
“attentiveness_score”: “”

Hi @karthik.rt,

Apologies that this continues to be an issue. I’ve shared this new example with our team to help address (ZOOM-249239).


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