Delay in getting webinar participants



Sometime this API does not return the participants data from the API for up to 48 hours after the webinar has ended

What is the reliable wait time for the participants end point to return the participants for a webinar after it is ended?

HI @kannantl ,

This is not an expected behavior.

How are you trying to retrieve the participants? Are you passing the webinar ID or UUID?

  • If you provide a webinar ID, the API will return a response for the latest webinar instance.
  • If you provide a webinar UUID that begins with a / character or contains the // characters, you must double encode the webinar UUID before making an API request.

Hi @ojus.zoom , Kannan is on vacation for a couple of weeks, I’ll try to answer your questions while he is away. My understanding is that this delay started somewhere around 4-6 weeks ago (around the time this ticket was created). The participant information does appear eventually, it is just delayed. We used to observe very little delay if any between a webinar recording being available to us and being able to obtain the participants.

We use the unique instance ids, not the series id - we are looking for participants of specific recordings.

We do double encode the uuid if required.

I think we may actually be calling this endpoint in this case: . We use that instead of wherever the authenticated account has the required scope as it contains information on user join/leave times, which the latter does not have.

thanks for reaching out @david.bennington

can you email me a few UUIDs that had delayed results? I will DM you my email address

Done! I’m based in UK/IRL btw, so my responses may be delayed depending on your time zone. Just happened to see this in during a late meeting!