Deauthorization API

I am trying to figure out how to comply with your deauthorization webhook call (

I am currently only storing the tokens that I receive when authorizing, so I can’t identify the connection from any of the data that are included in the payload here. I do make calls to the users endpoint, so I guess I might have the user id of the person who created the connection but I am not sure how to determine this. Do I need to make an additional call or am I missing something?

Hi @kristian,

I am currently working on your issue, and will provide you with an update as soon as possible.


Hi @kristian,

Thank you for patiently waiting.

You would need to store the user_id, account_id and the client_id as well.

Was I able to answer your question?


Well, partly, thank you.

I am still not sure where or how I am supposed to obtain account_id and user_id. I suppose the client_id is the one I use to establish the oauth connection with. But in the response from, I only get an access and a refresh token – no way to identify which user or account made the connection. Do I need to make a separate call for this? And if so, to which endpoint?

Thank you.


You can consider using the retrieve a specific user API

For the value of UserID, put me, and you should be able to get the UserID as well as the AccountID.

Let me know if this resolves your issue.


Thank you Ojus,

I believe I now have the necessary infrastructure in place for this. I would like to test it before I reapply for your marketplace. I have set the webhook URL to point to my localhost for now, but I am not sure how to trigger the actual event. When I log into Zoom, I see a tab called “integration” but it doesn’t show me my own app. I can’t find any other place where I can disable or remove my app. How does one do that (and is that the proper way to test this?)

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Kristian Dupont

Hi Kristian,

You can find out more about testing an app on our dcos. Take a look here: