Identify user from deauth event data

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When a user gets authorized with Oauth app, we store his code, access token and refresh token for later use to create and manage his meetings. We also receive webhook events to manage attendance.
We are facing a problem receiving " app_deauthorized " event on our events endpoint. There is no event being received when a user uninstalls the app from his zoom account.
Another problem is, the data in app_deauthorized event have user_id and account_id, how can we identify that which user was it who unintalled the app as we only have his code (received on oauth).


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Hi @mianhaseeb41_develop,

Thanks for reaching out about this—if you’re not receiving the webhook event at all, a few things to double check:

  • Ensure your endpoint returns a 200OK response upon receipt of Zoom payloads
  • Make sure your endpoint is HTTPS and publicly available
  • Ensure the user has successfully installed and uninstalled your app

In regards to making a connection between an access token and the deauth event, please see my post here and let me know if this helps:


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