Deauthorization Notification - How to trigger the webhook for Apps in development

As of now I’m working on an App which hasn’t been published yet (I plan to send the request of approval soon) (even though it has a shareable URL) but I don’t manage to trigger the webhook (e.g.: by uninstalling the App from the list of installed apps ), which prevents me from testing end-to-end our cleanup process.


  • Upon install no error message is shown nor feedback is given: the App gets un-installed but my back-end server doesn’t receive any notificaton.
  • The App is a OAuth App.
  • The URL of the Deauthorization Notfication has been added in the Whitelist


  • does the App needs to already be in the Marketplace for the Deauthorization Notification to work (that would be strange imho)?
  • Are there additional steps which needs to be executed for making the Deauthorization Notification operative?

Hey @zrhshared,

Please see my post here for help: