Decode Meeting ID from global data section of shared recording page

Hello everyone!

I need to download the recordings of our meetings over the past two years, so I wouldn’t want to download each recording (video, audio, & chats) manually. In the Zoom Community, one user graciously provided a script to download recordings using node.js, and all that’s needed is to put all URLs into a file.

All well and good, but for our filing needs, the download should also include the meeting ID. This data could be extracted from the global data section of a shared recording page much like how the topic & filename is extracted. However, the meeting ID seems to be encrypted, as when I look at the data from the page, it says,

meetingId: 'd%2FicdVk5T%2BG5TdkffkAwvg%3D%3D'

and in another part of the global data, there’s also this:

recordMeetId: 'd/icdVk5T+G5TdkffkAwvg=='

Can anyone please point me where I can get the info to decode the meetingID? And what should I extract, meetingId or recordMeetId?

Thank you very much!