DeepLink To Auto Launch Meeting and App

The documentation for generating a ZoomApps DeepLink is very limited, I hope the functionality is not equally as limited…

How can I generate a deep link that will open Zoom to auto join a specific meeting along with the app displayed as a panel?

I see a mention on how to generate a Deeplink in the ZoomApps docs, but it doesn’t provide all options and payload fields other than “action”.

I saw one example in github where a user was doing a POST to “” and set the payload to {target: "panel", action: "go"} But I have not seen any documentation mentioning target as a supported field. I guess I could throw a dart in the dark and try something like: {meetingJoinUrl: "x"}.

Surely there is a way to do this? after all, Zoom is a meeting platform, right?

@chris2 We don’t have a feature just yet that allows a meeting to be started. from a deeplink

Instead, the behavior is based on the user’s context when the deeplink is visited. In other words, we would want a meeting to be started prior to opening the app.

As a workaround, you could redirect the user to the Start URL and then call the deeplink to open the app once the meeting has started. Ideally, that would be via a webhook event.

Would that be feasible in the short term? Any info on your use case should help here.

Hey Max, thanks for the info.

Here is my use case:

  • user is sent an invite email or calendar event with a deeplink.
  • they click on that deeplink and it launches zoom meeting with our app displayed alongside with the meeting details.

The issue with calling launchAppInMeeting is that now there are two instances of our app and the one that is launched in the meeting context has no access to the action or meeting room/pwd/start, etc.

There are some workarounds that we have implemented to accomplish loading our app with the meeting alongside the app with the meeting context but it has quite a bit of join time delay to jump through the hoops.

I’m working with our team to determine a more elegant solution to launching your app alongside a meeting.

For now, you can use the connect() and postMessage() functions from the SDK to communicate between the two instances of your app.

More information can be found here: In-client Experience

Currently, the method of deep linking and using the action to start the meeting is the best route. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Hi Max,

Can you please expand on this?
“As a workaround, you could redirect the user to the Start URL and then call the deeplink to open the app once the meeting has started. Ideally, that would be via a webhook event.”

How to call the deep link to open the app once the meeting has started? does this require users to come back to the browser to click deep link?

This would definitely depend on the server architecture that you have but if you are using websockets with your application and your client has an open connection to your backend, you can cause the page to redirect to the deeplink when the meeting.started webhook fires.

With that being said, I confirmed with our team that this feature is on our roadmap.

Another method would be to use the action parameter of the deeplink to store the join URL. When you open the app from the deeplink, you can call the zoomSdk.launchAppInMeeting() function from the client and use the joinURL from the action parameter of the deeplink.

Let me know if that helps.

This is awesome and I am glad this is in your roadmap, I was wondering when you may expect to ship such a feature. Do you think it is within the next month, 3 months, 6 months, or unsure exactly?

(I am a student working on an application for the school I go to, and I was wondering if I can use this feature to implement something before I graduate!)

It looks like this is scheduled for Q2 of this year! You can submit ideas and see a tentative roadmap here:

Let me know if that helps.