Can deeplinks redirect back to the meeting panel?

We’re implementing 3rd part oauth using the system browser. After we authenticate we use a deeplink to redirect back to the app.

However – even though I’m initiating the flow from the meeting panel in a running meeting, the deeplink opens up in the app panel.

Is there something I need to pass to the deeplink API in order to have the link open in the already-running meeting?

Is there deeplink documentation anywhere?

When the client instance of your app receives a deeplink, you can pass an action parameter so that it has context on what to do next. From there, you could use the postMessage API if you are connected to an in-meeeting instance

I hope that helps!

So — you’re saying there’s no way for the deeplink to open back inside the running meeting? I need to pass a message from the app panel to the instance that’s running inside the meeting?

It seems like from another one of your answers that the context from which you create the deeplink has some effect?

Do the two panels share session cookies?

@seshandrew When it comes to installing a Zoom App from the Apps tab in the client versus the Apps panel in a meeting, Zoom will redirect back to the relevant window when the deeplink is received.

In other words, you shouldn’t need to do anything in order to open the app in an ongoing meeting itself. I just tested this using the Basic Sample App on client 5.12.3 with MacOS to confirm this.

If that’s not the case, please ensure that you are using the latest version of the client and test with the sample app provided above.

Let me know if that helps.

Ah! I figured it out — we were passing {target:'panel'} which forces the deeplink to open in the app panel (even when coming from a meeting).

It would be really great to have an API page for /deeplink – documenting target, action, etc.

@seshandrew That’s a great callout - we definitely need documentation on this. I’m working to gather information on this internally and then I’ll write up a document.