How to start meeting from a web app with my Zoom app opened

Zoom Apps Configuration
React, zoom/appssdk v0.16.5

We’re developing a web app along with a Zoom app to handle online conferencing functionality. We’d like to allow users starting meetings from the web interface. Right now we’re using an an URI from invitation but this just opens a Zoom application without our app started. An user has to click Apps, and select an app from a list. This is obviously not ideal experience. Could you suggest if we can create a deep link for a particular meeting opening with our Zoom app window active or there are any other ways to address this?


Any ideas how to implement this?

@alextsi Great question! It looks like we don’t have a direct method to do this currently but it’s something we are looking at adding in the future.

My best approach so far would be to use the deeplink action parameter to store the joinURL of a meeting.

Then, you can deeplink to your application and if you find that the runningContext is inMainClient and you are not connected to an in-meeting instance (via the onConnect() event) then you can use the joinURL to call launchAppInMeeting().

Let me know if that helps.