Definition of the Active Users in Zoom Dashboard

Have been trying to find definition of the Active Users count shown in the Admin Dashboard.
From what I see the Active User definition is closer to Meeting Organizer or Host.
Also looking closer I see that Host or Organizer doesn’t need to participate in the meeting to be counted as Active User. This is very strange as in this case user hasn’t joined the meeting and hasnt performed any activity in the given period of time.

Please clarify.

Hey @emelomed,

I will try to answer your question as best I can, but this forum is for questions about the Zoom App Marketplace, and APIs.

The Active Users count number is calculated from the active host in the account. It would be the same thing as going to the reports tab and then to active host report for that timeframe.

You can see more descriptions here:

“Active Hosts: View meetings, participants and meeting minutes within a specified time range.”

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Thanks for the reply Tommy.

Would be great is this information included in the Help so we could look it up anytime.
And in general if Help were to include definition of metrics used in the reports.

Hey @emelomed, you are welcome!

I agree! I will let our support article team know.