Getting users meetings data

I’m trying to get the average time a user was in meetings during a given time and the average number of participants.
I tried to use the ‘Reports - Get active/inactive host reports’ (report/users) endpoint for this since it returns for every user the number of meetings, the overall number of minutes and the overall number of participants in his hosted meetings.
However the number of meetings that I get back for each user are much smaller then the actual number of meeting they hosted. I was able to see that by using the ‘Meetings - List meetings’ (users/{userId}/meetings) endpoint.

Im trying to figure out why I’m seeing this gap of results and less hosted meetings in the first endpoint compared to the 2nd that I mentioned, and in addition why in the ‘Meetings - List meetings’ there’s no number of participants in it?

Hi, @Dev_Torii,

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. To clarify, the Get active/inactive host reports endpoint returns results from the month specified in the “from” and “to” range. While List meeting API , returns a user’s (meeting host) scheduled meetings. Note, the list meeting API only supports scheduled. This API does not return information about instant.

Let me know if this helps or if you have further clarifications.

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