Delay in getting meeting participants



Sometime this API does not return the participants data from the API for up to 2 hours after the meeting has ended

What is the reliable wait time for the participants end point to return the participants for a meeting after the meeting is ended?

@kannantl, Hope you will be fine.

There is no wait time mentioned in the docs. But if this is the case then no result

Note the API doesn’t return results if there’s only one participant in a meeting

To get all the participants at real-time please use Zoom WebHooks.

Thanks Naeem for the reply.

We have noticed that the participants API does not return participants for some meetings for about 2 hours and later it returns the participants. These meetings have more than one participant

We do not have requirement to have the details real time, we want to gather the participant details after the meeting is done. (We are making request after the meeting is done and archival for the meeting is completed)


@kannantl Please try to use meeting uuid, not meeting id. Hope it will work. if still facing problems please ping me here. Thanks

We are using meeting uuid. This does not happen all the time and for all the meetings. This happens intermittently for some meetings.

When it happens next time please first check the meeting status is ended before requesting the participants list.