Webinar participant data is inaccurate


We have been retrieving participant data for webinars since January using the below URLs -


The process to retrieve the data iterates through the list of occurrence ids of a webinar and retrieves participant data for each occurrence.However, recently we observed that when a webinar has more occurrence ids than the number of days it spans (maybe because the hosts laptop crashed so he had to restart the webinar or for some other reason) the data we fetch becomes inaccurate.
We get lesser number of participants for that particular day.
However, when we check the report on the Zoom website (Reports > Usage Reports > Webinar > Attendee Report), it shows more participants.

Would appreciate any help in resolving this issue.
Thank you.
Priya Jetley


Any updates/ suggestions regarding this issue?
I would like to add that upon further examining the webinars with data issues I observed that only the webinars with occurrence ids with the ‘/’ character in them were the ones that failed to retrieve data.

For example -
Webinar Id : 316014643
Occurence Ids :
/45rrzUAQBukO/9FsKN7Fw== (issue)

Webinar Id - 531155155
Occurence Ids :
Zy6zkU//TMazCboearSNAA== (issue)

Webinar Id - 524967002
Occurence Ids :
/EusDjUtSCKkqOHHPG7RjQ== (issue)

This is however surprising because in my PL/SQL procedure I use the APEX_UTIL.URL_ENCODE(trim(occurence_id)) function when constructing the API URL.
I can also attach the PL/SQL procedure if someone would like to review it for issues.

Would appreciate a prompt response on this as we are in the process of collating data and this is becoming a big issue.

Thanks very much.
Best Regards,

Attaching screenshots of my procedures for your reference.


Any updates on this thread.
I tested the above URLs in Postman and I get and an error -

“code”: 3001,
“message”: “Meeting does not exist: 45rrzUAQBukO/9FsKN7Fw==.”

It seems as though the “/” at the beginning is ignored and therefore the occurrence id cannot be located in this case.

For occurrence id : Zy6zkU//TMazCboearSNAA==

“code”: 3001,
“message”: “Meeting does not exist: Zy6zkU/TMazCboearSNAA==.”

For occurrence id : /EusDjUtSCKkqOHHPG7RjQ==

“code”: 3001,
“message”: “Meeting does not exist: EusDjUtSCKkqOHHPG7RjQ==.”

Hey @priya.jetley,

Please double url encode any webinarUUID’s with a slash in it.

For example, /EusDjUtSCKkqOHHPG7RjQ== becomes %252FEusDjUtSCKkqOHHPG7RjQ%253D%253D

Try that and it should work. :slight_smile:


Hi Tommy,

Thanks for your answer, I tried the following in my procedure and was able to fetch the report data for the occurrence Ids I mentioned above -

l_url :=‘https://api.zoom.us/v2/metrics/webinars/’ || APEX_UTIL.URL_ENCODE(APEX_UTIL.URL_ENCODE(trim(p_occurence_id))) || ‘/participants?type=past&page_size=300’;

I might be overthinking this, but can this double encoding impact our future data pulls adversely in anyway?I mean with regards to other reserved characters/ non reserved characters.

Thanks very much!
I have marked this solved.

Best Regards,

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Happy to hear your issue is resolved! :slight_smile:

It should not impact future data pulls. We do plan on fixing the slash issue at some point. On the off chance it is a breaking change, we will communicate this well in advance.