Delay Sharing Except Moderators

There are many meetings that must be open to the public and the public must be able to participate. When inappropriate matters happen, it is usually to late and even the participant is kicked out the damage has already been done.

In such cases for cities all over the US there are Moderator… than manages the meeting, City Councils (that have the right to speak at any time), and the public who are anonymous but still legally have the right to participate.

Having a group class (a user profile identifier in relationship to the meeting identifier) specified for the general public that enforces an “x” number of seconds of delay to the broadcast will give the moderator enough time to stop unsuitable content. The only users who will see those contact first are the moderator and the user broadcasting the message.

If users who think that their purpose in this life is to hijack zoom meeting know that this feature existed it will work as a deterrent in working hard and plotting such event, for that it will be worthless and not seen by all regular participants.

Best of luck to all the developer of ZOOM.