Delay with webhook type device update

Hi everyone, we are having with presence update webhook update. The update is taking too long. Example: We are creating a service queue and we are checking if the agent is available or not, however, it is taking time to update, giving incorrect information in the api.

Hi @ulisses.mesquita
Thanks for reaching out to us.
Could you please share more details with me about this issue? do you have any logs that would help me replicate this issue on my end?

Hello Eliza, how are you?
Eliza, the delay occurs as follows:
Imagine that you log in to Zoom through the website and then leave the website and log in via your smartphone.

When you use the webhook: user.signin, you wait to receive the status changes of the user in question within the object → client_Type, with possible changes: “Browser, windows, linux, ipad, cromeos”, etc…
However, when performing these actions, the webhook is not being informed in real time, it is taking about 2 minutes or more for this change and the update to be sent. In this case, can you help us?

Webhook link, if needed to perform the test: Zoom API Events - Meeting