Delete old cloud recordings

I’m trying to delete past cloud recordings , but i can only delete recordings for the last time of the recurrent meeting.
What can i do?

Hi @estebanismaelmo,

Good question—you should be able to delete recordings for past instances by passing the past instance’s UUID in the request URL for this endpoint:

You’re correct that passing the Meeting ID will point the request to the last instance.

You can retrieve a list of past meeting instances (UUIDs) for a Meeting ID using this endpoint:

Let me know if this helps!

@will.zoom anks for the quick response! Im getting the following message on post man

"code": 3001,
"message": "Meeting does not exist: ."


But the meeting already exists

@will.zoom testing on postman i got the following.
the uuid of a meeting when i get the user meetings, it is different from when i get the recordings of a meeting.
This is when i get the user meetings

and this is whe i get the recordings of a meeting

Hi @estebanismaelmo,

Thanks for sharing those details—in taking a look, I can see that the UUID you’ve shared is for an upcoming meeting instance (not yet started).

In order to query our Recordings endpoints by UUID, you’ll need to use a UUID associated with a past meeting instance.

Let me know if this helps to clarify :slight_smile:


Thanks @will.zoom ! Well, I´m trying to get all cloud recordings. But, I only get the the last ones, doesn´t matter if i pass the uuid

Hey @estebanismaelmo,

Are you able to share an example of the request that you’re making when you see this behavior?


This is the response if i try the endpoint /meetings/9546322537/recordings

If I try the request with de uuid instead of the id, i got the same response. In this recurrent meeting i have six recordings. And i only can get two of them

@will.zoom @MaxM im doing the following (with postman)


But i got

   "code": 3301,
   "message": "Esta grabación no existe."

But the recording exist.

Also, im working from node js server and I got

  timings: {
    start: 1621264790425,
    socket: 1621264790425,
    lookup: 1621264790427,
    connect: undefined,
    secureConnect: undefined,
    upload: undefined,
    response: undefined,
    end: undefined,
    error: 1621264790428,
    abort: undefined,
    phases: {
      wait: 0,
      dns: 2,
      tcp: undefined,
      tls: undefined,
      request: undefined,
      firstByte: undefined,
      download: undefined,
      total: 3

Hi @estebanismaelmo,

Thanks for sharing an example! In taking a closer look at the UUID you shared, I can see that this particular recording appears to have been moved to the trash, which I believe is why you’re getting this response.

If you have more examples where you’re seeing this, I’m happy to take a closer look at those as well. However, given the sensitive nature of the requests/payloads, can you please share any additional examples with us at and reference this thread?