Detect if CRC Connector ( is available for an account


Is there a way to determine if a CRC Connector that can be used through is available for a user?

We have users asking us to include a Join by SIP link if there’s a CRC available, but I don’t see any documentation in the API that would indicate when a link is available.

Any pointers on if this is available in the API would be appreciated. Thanks!

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

OAuth app

Which Endpoint/s?

I have checked the responses of GET /v2/users/me/settings and POST /v2/users/me/meetings and don’t see any indication of availability. I see lots of references to SIP in the API docs but don’t see anything that quite matches what I’m looking for.

Additional context

This is being requested by users of our Zoom app who have a CRC Connector and would like links to it to be automatically generated.

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