OAuth 2.0 Device Authorization Grant

Hello guys,

I’d like to ask about OAuth 2.0 Device Authorization Grant, does Zoom OAuth 2.0 Server support it? If don’t, then do you plan to implement it? It is pretty hard to use OAuth 2.0 in embedded devices without this feature.

Also has Zoom REST API method to check enabled/disabled SIP connectors feature in a metting/account?


Hey @olecsys,

Have you considered using JWT Tokens for authentication?

Here are our SIP phone and device APIs:


Hey @tommy,

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I considered JWT Tokens, but we’d like to provide user permissions in our Zoom Marketplace App to make its using clear as possible for users.

Thanks for links about SIP phones and SIP devices, but we need to check if meeting has a possibility to receive calls from any SIP clients, so it is something like Cloud Room Connector (CRC) feature that is enabled only for licensed users if I understand correctly.
I’ve found SIP dial strings docs, but I’d like to ensure that our device can/cannot connect to a particular Zoom meeting.
Sorry for bothering you.