Determine Pro or Free Account


Is there a better way to check in the windows sdk if the user is logged in with a PRO account vs. a Free one?

The one way I found was to see if CPreMeetingServiceDotNetWrap is null, but is that recommended?




ZOOM windows SDK hasn’t such interface to check whether a user is a free one or a PRO account.

However, if a free user is the host of the meeting, SDK will invoke IMeetingConfigurationEvent::onFreeMeetingEndingReminderNotification() after the meeting goes 30 minutes.

Hope it is useful for you.


@Wilmer_Sun I need to know prior to 30 minutes. Is checking if the CPreMeetingService is null the only other reliable way?

CC: @cfrost



No. CPreMeetingService still can be NULL when a pro user using RestAPI to start a meeting. It can not be used to check whether a user is a free one or PRO one.



@Wilmer_Sun thank you, that is good information, but my scenario is a bit more targeted. Normal users only, windows sdk


If so, you can use it temporarily.