Developer access for educational account

I have a customer who has an educational account. They would like me to develop a simple query from a server using the Zoom API to get the current number of participants in a meeting at any time. The question I has is, if they add me as a member of their account can the user_type be “Basic” with “Developer” permission? Or does it have to be a user_type of something else in order to get the necessary API credentials.

I would be using the /metrics/meetings/{meetingId}/participants endpoint.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @mrobinson ,

Here are the prerequisites needed to make a request to this endpoint:

You’ll have to be a licensed user to access the Dashboard API endpoint.


Thanks for the response Gianni. Does an “education plan” count as a “business plan or higher”?

@mrobinson Yes, that’s correct, and Education Plan falls under Business Plan or Higher

Thanks for the confirmation.


Glad to Max and Gianni was able to help.

Thanks for posting,

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