Webinar Participant Access?

Hello, I’m creating an OAuth integration for a regular Zoom account that hosts webinars. This account doesn’t have any elevated permissions within our organization. I’m unable to figure out how to retrieve the participants of a webinar that was hosted by this account.

I do not have the ability to add the scopes for dashboard_webinars:read:admin or report:read:admin

Is there another endpoint that I am missing? I’m able to see registrants and absentees just fine through those endpoints.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hi @mark.santoski,

Good question. To clarify, our Dashboard APIs are admin-level APIs and require an Account-Level OAuth App to authenticate requests. Are you using a user-level app or an account-level app to authenticate your request?

Let me know—thanks!

Hi Will, I am using a user-level app at the moment, though I do believe I have the ability to use an Account level app.

Using just the user-level app, is there a way to get at the information that is presented in the Attendees Report I can get generate the front end?


Hi @mark.santoski,

Thanks for clarifying you’re using a user-level app. In order to get the information in this report you will need to use an account-level app to have access to these scopes.

Alternatively, you might also consider leveraging our Webinar Participant Joined webhooks:

Let me know if this helps,

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