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I am developing a Zoom app for my company, right now I use the app by going to the Zoom Developer App Marketplace and clicking ‘add’ from there. If I wanted the app to be available to add for people in my company, would I have to publish it to the marketplace? Or are there other ways they could access it to add to their Zoom accounts without having to add it to the marketplace?

Hi @elenab , you won’t need to publish your app to share with other people on your own account. You can share the installation URL with them and they’ll be able to install the app using development credentials.

Reference these docs on installation for more info:


Thanks @michael.zoom that is super helpful! They are not on the same Zoom email account as me, but have teh same part of their email, does that change anything?

This worked, thank you!!!

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I’m glad to hear that helped!

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Hi @MaxM and @michael.zoom I have one follow up question here, I was wondering if either of you can help me with. Users on my account are able to add the app, however since it is not published they can’t actually see the app in Zoom when they click “apps” from the menu bar unless they install another app from the marketplace first (if they already have one installed this is not an issue). I’m assuming this is because it’s not actually published, Zoom is not recognizing they have apps. Is there any way to fix this without forcing users to download another Zoom marketplace app?

If not, I was considering publishing it using the advice of this page to just have it access by visiting my home page, hoping that would prevent other marketplace users from downloading the app since it’s specific to my company, but when I go through the steps to publish, it seems everyone in the marketplace would actually just have to be able to access my page to publish from so I think I may have misunderstood the first article. If I do have to publish the app in order for people on my account to be able to install it and use it without needing to install another marketplace app, is there any way to limit it to people on my account?

Thank you in advance for any advice.

Please disregard the follow up - I figured out that I don’t have to publish the app to allow users to use an app in development without needing to install another Zoom app.

Following the initial instructions given here by Michael, I have users authorize the app with the installation / add URL from one of the company’s webpages, then after they allow/authorize the app in Zoom they are redirected to my auth page where I have a button for them to open the app using the deep link and as long as they are logged into their zoom account the app opens properly with the deep link without needing another app installed.