Transfer app developer

We have a dev working on a currently internal app that is leaving the company. We want to transfer the app they have built to another user. Support informed me via a screenshot that the Zoom account owner and that the user who is the app owner/creator should be able to do this within the marketplace locate the app and click the three dots and use a “transfer app developer” to send it to the person who will take over the development. However, neither the zoom account owner nor the app owner/creator has these options.

As the account owner I can only see “View call logs” and “view activity logs”. The app creator/owner has “request to publish” and “Remove directly” as options.

Are there other ways to transfer the app or does it have to be published first etc?

Hey @randy.perez,

Great question! We will have to transfer it for you. Can you please send the app name and the email of whose Zoom account you want it transferred to here:


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To transfer ownership of a Created app, as an admin navigate to the app by:

  1. Manage > Apps on Account > and select the Created Apps tab
  2. In the Action Column of the created app Click and select transfer app developer

Clicking transfer app will prompt a confirmation to transfer the app. You can only transfer the app to another person within your account. Once transferred, the original developer will no longer be able to update this app.

Note: if the option to transfer App ownership is not available the Admin of the account will have to submit a request to