Development API credentials usable after Marketplace app accepted?

We are submitting a new application to the zoom marketplace and would like clarification around the Client ID and secret for Development environments. Specifically it is unclear to us in the submission form that these credentials will persist after the app is accepted to the marketplace. Can someone please verify that after an application is submitted and accepted to the marketplace that they can continue to use the listed Development API credentials?

Hey @toms_qa,

Yes, the Development API credentials will continue to work after your app is published. This allows you to develop new features in the development envoirnment while not affecting your published app until you submit an update. :slight_smile:


Thanks @tommy! Just wanted to confirm and appreciate it.

I had one other question related to this topic (let me know if this should go into a new post) - one challenge we are having is development that requires the audio transcript callback on recorded zoom meetings is delayed by the 3-24 hours needed to wait for the audio transcript to process.

Is there any solution for this? Potentially a ‘developer’ setting that can prioritize processing audio transcripts more quickly to speed up our dev cycles that rely on the audio transcript?

Thanks again.

Hey @toms_qa, you are welcome! :slight_smile:

As for your follow up, in short since this is off topic, depending on how long the meeting was, it could take some time for the recording files to process and become available. You can use the Cloud Recording Completed Webhook to be notified when it is done processing. You can also check to see if there are any processing delays.


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