Difference between `payload.operator_id` and `payload.object.host_id` from `meeting.created`?

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Is there any difference between payload.operator_id and payload.object.host_id, which one should be used ?


How To Reproduce
Enable the Meeting has been created capability.


Hi @tianalemesle
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
I looked into our Docs and I did some testing on my end, and the difference is basically that payload.operator_id is the User ID who created the meeting, whereas the payload.object.host_id is the Host’s user ID.

So basically if you assign scheduling privileges to a user under your account and that user gives you scheduling privileges as well, then you will be able to create meetings for each other and then those values will come differently. (using the “schedule_for” field in your post request)

If you are just scheduling meetings for yourself, those values will be the same.

I hope this helps,

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