Host_id does not update to the zoom user id that has "Claim Host"

for this event:

It is advertised in the api docs that host_id will be “ID of user who is set as the host of the meeting/webinar”. I assumed this meant that the host_id will change to the user that has done “Claim Host” successfully inside the zoom meeting, but it doesn’t. It is always the same host_id as the user that created the meeting.

Will this host_id ever change? if so, why is it not changing in the case provided above?

I want to know which zoom user claimed host and have that info associated with the recording they started

Hi Taylor, this is by design. The host_id will reflect the user for whom the meeting was created.

Thanks for the clarification Michael.

For our use-case described above, we’ve figured out a way to find the zoom user id that did “Claim Host” and then did a recording:

  1. subscribe to the webhook for Recording Completed
  2. after receiving this webhook event, use the meeting UUID provided in the event to go Get Sharing/Recording Details – this endpoint requires a Business Account
  3. in the Sharing/Recording Details response, search for participant(s) where participant.details includes a content: cloud_recording.
  4. once that participant is found, there is an id field in that participant object which is the zoom user id for the user that did “Claim Host” and then did a recording.
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Thanks for providing these steps @taylor.hurt! :slight_smile: