Difference between SDK-Link for webmeeting and webinar

For joining a webmeeting from my website I generate a link like

This works fine.

But if I try to do this with a webinar, it doesn’t!

What should I do different for joining a webinar?

and I get this error when I try

Joining meeting timeout

Your connection has timed out and you cannot join the meeting. Verify your network connectivity and try again.

Hey @cpp01,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. First, please make sure that you follow our steps to Load Language Files - that should make sure that you see more helpful error messages in the dialog.

From there, please provide any error messages that you see in the UI or the browser console.


Meanwhile I found the solution in another thread:

always provide the participants email in the link and never take the same email address as the host does

Very simple solution, but very hard to find :-/

Hey @cpp01,

There are a variety of causes for this issue which is likely why the solution was hard to find.

A good place to start is with the error messages which will help us debug from there.

Regardless, I’m glad that you were able to double check the forum to find a historical topic that resolved your issue!

I’ll go ahead and close this topic now but feel free to open a new topic if you encounter any further issues or questions.